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Project Description


Dates: 9am-3:30pm, April 23-27, 2018
Grades: K-5th (currently)
Middle School Apprentices (Grades 6-8) available (details)
Location: Rock Point, Burlington, VT
Cost: $275 

** financial aid available **



April marks the full transition from the sleepy months of winter to the raucous chorus of spring. We’ll focus our attention this week on the amphibian songs filling the warm nights and the budding plants shaking alive with excitement.

There’s no better way to celebrate than with the first greens of the year. We’ll take day trips to different places in the Champlain Valley to explore and harvest plants (e.g. dandelions, cattails, violets, basswood leaves, fiddleheads, wild leeks, and more) that we’ll use on the last day to make amazing pizzas in our cob oven. Spaces are limited, so please register early

  • Day 1: Harvest grapevines to make harvesting baskets
  • Day 2: Trip to harvest nettles & fiddleheads
  • Day 3: Trip to Fairfax to harvest wild leeks (optional night trip to Shelburne Pond)
  • Day 4: Trip to Snake Mountain to check vernal pools
  • Day 5: Cook pizza with all of our ingredients