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Project Description


Ages: Middle + High School Girls in fall of 2017
Limited to 10 girls
Cost: $825
Dates: The program includes weekly afterschool gatherings and two overnights

  • Afterschool: Mondays, Sept 11, 2017 – May 21, 2018 (4pm-6pm)
  • Overnights: Sept 9/10, 2017 + May 12/13, 2018

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Dandelions hold firmly to the earth by sinking a tap root deep into the soil. Dandelions use these deep roots to draw up the nutrients most vital for thriving life. They sneak through sidewalk cracks and remove toxins from places polluted. These plants teach us the lesson of adaptation and let the wind carry the seeds far beyond the scope of their vantage point. Together, we will carry the lessons of the dandelion to our concentric circles of the individual, our communities, and the land that nourishes us all.

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Monthly Guest Teachers and Projects  

The Dandelions Program moves with the rhythms and tones of the seasons.  What’s happening on the land will create the container for our personal and collaborative projects and activities.  At the beginning of each month, we’ll invite a guest teacher to spend the afternoon with us.  Our guest teachers will be local women doing inspiring work in the community.  We’ll learn from female artists, activists, crafts-women, naturalists, and innovators.  The particular passion of each guest teacher will uniquely connect us to each season.  We’ll spend the rest of the month diving deeper into the craft our guest teacher shared, channeling our individual creativity through that particular medium.  For example, in deep winter we’ll invite a female tracker to guide us along the trails of different animals moving on the land.  As we continue to explore tracking that month, a member of our group might decide she wants to focus on red foxes: Where are their dens? What’s their routine?  Another member of the group might decide she wants to explore internal tracking:  How do her emotions move through her body?  How do her thoughts move and change at different times of day?  We’ll offer individualized support to each girl as she dives deeper into the subject of the month.

Year Long Interwoven Practices

While each month will focus on a particular skill or craft, we’ll also  learn and explore different practices that will become an integrated part of our whole year together.  These will be practices that the girls can take with them into daily life.  They will become the invisible support structures that help us move through the world with authenticity, integrity, joy, and heartfulness. They will also help create a shared language to use as we deepen our connections to each other and to the land.  These practices include:

  • Gratitude
  • Song
  • Awareness, meditation, and mindfulness
  • Earth connection
  • Communication
  • Building and tending relationships
  • Honesty
  • Service and offering

Final Project

During April and May, each girl will complete a project of her own design.  This project will be both an expression of each girl’s unique gifts, and also something that she can offer to her community.  We’ll spend February and March learning different project design skills, visioning, and honing in on the particular project each girl feels called to implement.  At our last gathering, family and friends are welcome to join us and hear each girl share her experience of visioning, designing and implementing her project.


We’ll begin and end our year together by spending a day and night out on the land.  These overnights will create space for us to really dive deep as we explore ourselves and the wild terrain of Rock Point.  Overnights will also be a time to strengthen the different threads of relationship we’ll be cultivating throughout the year.