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Project Description


Ages: Middle school (grades 6-8) in fall of 2018
Limited to 12 middle schoolers
Cost: $325
Dates: Afterschool Tuesdays, Sept 11 – Dec 11, 2018 and  Feb 5 – May 21, 2019 (4pm-6pm)

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Our middle school program focuses on the transition from late childhood to early adolescence, which is marked by increasing self-reliance, potential for focus and mastery of skills, and a time for finding authentic identity within a supportive community.

The three main pillars of our program are:

  1. Connecting kids to their anchors and supports (peoples, places, things)
  2. Finding and developing their skills and gifts
  3. Forging pathways to sharing these skills and gifts with others

Middle schoolers will take up apprenticeship in different guilds, societies of learning and craft based on shared interests, each one lasting for a series of afterschool sessions. Are you an artisan? A scout? A storyteller? A fire-tender? Guilds will allow for a deep exploration of these identities and related skills.

At a time of packed academic and extracurricular schedules, we also value the Waystones program as a place to step away from detailed agendas and into the timelessness of the natural world, finding moments of both peaceful presence and wild exuberance on the land. There will be time for group games, stories, discussions, and exploration.

If you’re interested in this program but can’t make the afterschool, or want more, check out our three weekend overnights for middle schoolers. You can find details on that here: Waystones Overnights.

Details for Waystones Overnights

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