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Welcome to our new staff

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Welcome to our new staff Staff going over medical kits in prep for the start of the Field School The turkey vultures are soaring overhead, like slow whilrling dervishes circling their way south. The meadows are alive with the sweet yellows of goldenrods and the happy purples of loosestrife. And the forests are frantic with squirrels gathering [...]

End of summer, beginning of fall

  One of my favorite times of year is during the middle of winter when we decide what summer camps we're going to run. We try and create different themes that cater to our staffs' various interests and offer unique opportunities for kids to get outside and play while learning awesome skills. We added a couple new programs this, like our Planet Earth Nature Docs camp, which highlighted photography and video skills. Kiddos learned how to [...]

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What it takes to run 100km

When I started Crow's Path back in 2010, I had a rough sense of what our programs would initially look like: kids running through the woods, playing games, starting fires, building shelters, making bows, carving spoons, and singing songs. But my bigger vision was always to create a strong, vibrant and supportive container that would help grow kids who were curious, adventurous, creative, quirky, and capable of confronting life's big questions and challenges.  On Sunday [...]

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Long-time staff, Lauren Akin is back from sabbatical and in addition to starting a new program with Britt (The Dandelions Program), will be working with our staff and other organizations in the Burlington-area to put us in closer alignment to our mission when it comes to fighting issues of racial and social justice. We're "running" a fundraiser to support this work for our organization and Lauren's work as she points a more critical lens at how our organization [...]

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Crow’s Path Auteur

We try and create a camp schedule with themes for each week to appeal to a wide array of interests in both kiddos and staff. A couple weeks ago we ran a camp centered around Planet Earth, teaching kiddos how to use cameras to capture the beauty of the world around them. I cut together an edit using their footage. What came together was another in a storied series of abstract, experimental films. First there was Parachuters and [...]

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Crow’s Path summer photos and Hello from Oregon!

Checking out the inner workings of a sharp-shinned hawk The great Ale Dietschi! A wild George spotted in the path! Clickity clack! Pouring tea into knotweed teacups from our trusty kettle named Arnold And enjoying our tea Masters of relaxation innovation, Lauren and Pax with the hose hammock Blue Star Kadet Sylvie showing off her new shirt This little gremlin snuck onto our Long Trail trip so we made him a lemon meringue pie with gummy [...]

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April Alive

Despite wet and cold conditions this past week (and month!!), we had a wonderful time this April during April Alive! Though many of our wild edibles are yet to emerge, we were still able to make delicious pizzas using trout lily, wild leeks, basswood buds, and stinging nettles. For photos from the week click on the image below. And all of the photos are courtesy of our amazing kid photographers.  

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Photos from Fall session at Field School

Leaf fortress prior to leaf fight! Food for the garden worms      The calmest you'll ever see Nevin, asleep in the hammock we built.    Keepin cozy  Mo reading Winnie the Pooh  Our first successful flaming arrows, after many a failed attempt  Sage is floating in front of the Hickory!    Robin the Druid  Epic acorn harvest  2 peas in a hammock  Can you spot the wild Micah?  Woodchuck roasting on a spit Wax hands!

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